Class 5 Softswitch – Best Method to Route Calls across Network

Over the past few decades, the VoIP industry has gained immense popularity among many industries. Keeping better telephony service is a major consideration for enterprises to provide voice service to customers. Softswitch solution is a great approach to boost customer experience. In the VoIP industry, you can gain huge benefits with different forms of solution. Class 5 solution is high in demand for several reasons. 

  • Enterprise grade and enhanced communication systems are effective in giving power to businesses with reliable telephone systems.
  • Scalable retail VoIP solutions come with rich communication attributes to fulfill communication requirements.
  • It is a suitable asset for residential users, businesses, and enterprises.
  • Any type and size of business use such a system to fulfill unconventional and standard communication demands.
  • It is a completely integrated and comprehensive platform that bridges the gap for business and delivers quality communication to users.
  • On the other hand, it is available with a different array of communication system that incorporates into software.

The solution is ideal to cater to collaboration and communication needs. Entrepreneur and VoIP service providers utilize this solution to provide ideal communication service to customers. It is a reliable asset for revenue-generating chances. 

How does class 5 softswitch functions:

Class 5 software is an ideal platform for the network service provider to acquire several features. VoIP providers use this thing to offer stunning quality IP service to residential users and enterprises with IP-enabled devices, including adaptors and landline phones. With the help of Class 5 Softswitchend users connect to an ideal communication network. 

It gives huge benefits to the service provider and provides services like residential and business voicemail, voice calling, call waiting, caller ID, and a lot more. It comprises customizable services and attributes for user users. It provides reliable call management features, billing, and reporting, among others. Class 5 component provide stunning features to residential and enterprise users like

  • Media transcoding
  • Call authentication
  • IVR
  • Call recording
  • Analog to digital conversion
  • Three way conferencing
  • Different codecs
  • Social media usability
  • Call center service
  • Call detail report
  • Auto attendant
  • Quality of service and business groups

Class 5 solution functions by linking end users to a communication network via a series of routers and gateways. When users make a call, the call can route to the softswitch and decide the ideal route for the call based on the time of day and destination number. It establishes a connection between the recipient and caller and lets them correspond more easily.

Customize service and strengthen security:

Telephony software enables the service provider to customize the service for end users. Teletalk softswitch is the best choice for people who wish to begin a VoIP service providing business. It is available with robust VoIP software. VoIP Switch lets the business to tailor the offer to fulfill customer’s unique requirements. An advanced security feature in the system safeguards against unwanted access, security threats, and fraud. 

Boosts call quality:

It is the perfect platform for many enterprises to offer the quality voice service and superb customer experience. You can use it with other services like conferencing and unified communication. You can set up powerful solutions for the business need and scale up the growth and success. So, softswitch integration assists flawless communication between diverse businesses and simplifies communication needs. 

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