Class5 Softswitch, VoIP Mobile Dialer, Mutli Tenant PBX and other VoIP Software By Teletalkapps in 2023.

Teletalk Apps expertise in VoIP industry since 14 years with a focused approach to serve the customized B2B telecommunication solutions and services to various esteemed Companies, Enterprises, Next-Gen Service Providers (ITSPs), Wireless Internet Service Providers (WISPs), Telephone Companies (TELCOs), and Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) across the globe. We ensures the best returns on VoIP business investments and strengthens the VoIP service providers market presence by providing them with robust VoIP software solutions.

Class 5 Softswitch is a SIP Softswitch which acts as a controller that offers you one interface for multiple IP networks which is used for transferring end to end VoIP interactions. This software let VoIP service providers to provide uninterrupted services with an amazingly low primary outlay which further lower the operating cost. We also provides Softswitch along with the integrated VoIP Billing System. Our Class 5 Soft Switch & VoIP Billing deliver a complete and advanced Retail and Wholesale VoIP solution for managing VoIP networks. It offers an entire range of call-routing functionality which is able to maximize the productivity and performance for not only individual but large scale VoIP service providers.

 It works with and may be incorporated into any existing VoIP system. All of the current and future needs of the rapidly expanding telecom sector were taken into account throughout its development. VoIP solutions, such as VoIP Billing, are particularly well-timed given the fast evolution of the telecommunications business.

●    Providing medical professionals with “white-label” mobile applications: Brand the app with your company’s name and modify it to fit your needs, and you’ll be able to compete with established firms while spending much less time and money.

●    Improving the User Interface: Service providers may provide value for today’s consumers by allowing them to interact effortlessly via a single user interface on any of their preferred devices, despite the fact that they may be juggling several communication apps and services across those devices.

●    Sources of Future Income: You may expand your current VoIP company with the use of a branded Unified mobile app and service.

Teletalk offers custom VoIP Mobile Dialer. Android VoIP Mobile dialer lets the callers make VoIP calls through their standard Mobile phones. The Android Softphone is meant for service providers who can use this Softphone and get it integrated with their existing SIP servers. Whether you are a VoIP service provider, a reseller, a distributor, an enterprise or an organization , we have a feature-rich VoIP Mobile Dialer that will add value to your business offerings, or internal/external organizational communication.

Features of VoIP Mobile Dialer

  • Graphical User Interface That Is Friendly To Users: VoIP Mobile Dialer is able to always provide a fantastic graphical interface that provides the user with a natural level of comfort. The consumers will find that their long-distance connection is now very easy and exciting to utilise.
  • Integration with the Mobile Address Book and Phone Book: It is simple for VoIP Mobile Dialer to include the user’s preexisting phone book into the dialer. It interacts seamlessly with mobile phone books, allowing VoIP calling to take place.White Label VoIP Mobile Dialer makes it possible to construct a completely white-labeled mobile dialer application, brand the whole process from beginning to finish, and customise the application according to the requirements of the client for their own unique branding.
  • Safe and Sound Transmissions: Due to the one-of-a-kind manner in which it operates, a SIP dialer may provide an exceptionally high level of protection for worldwide communication. The integration of sophisticated network security technologies gives it a unique selling point and makes it more convenient.
  • The Integration of Payment Gateways: Integration of a payment gateway is an inescapable component of corporate communication, and this technology makes it possible to integrate with any payment gateway in an incredibly simple manner.
  • Codec Support: The extensive support of codes offered by the mobile SIP dialer is one of the excellent advantages of this app. This technology has the capability to handle a wide variety of codecs, including G729, GSM, iLBC, Speex, G711, and G722.

Teletalk Apps’s OTT VoIP Phone System / OTT Mobile App enable VoIP providers in taking advantage of new revenue opportunities by offering them ability to deliver unified presence-based mobile voice, video conferencing, instant messaging (IM) including SMS communications experience across multiple platforms. With OTT VoIP Phone System / OTT Mobile App, VoIP service providers can offer Media Sharing, Audio-Video Calling beside Cheap International Outbound Calls, Mobile Top Up and many more useful features to drive traffic and grow user base while retaining existing users.

Teletalk Multi-Tenant PBX allow to serve multiple independent tenants, user organizations, enterprises across the world. With Multi-Tenant PBX / Multi-Tenant OTT Mobile App, VoIP service providers can offer Media Sharing, Audio-Video Calling beside many more useful features to drive traffic and grow user base while retaining existing users. Let’s have a look at the things multi tenant PBX can do-

  • Effective text-to-speech conversion: Google Cloud Speech-to-Text and IBM Watson are both integrated into the PBXware voicemail system (STT). Your voicemail messages will be transcribed into text and sent to you.
  • Use the cloud to store your data: All of these services are supported by PBXware. Voicemail, fax, and call data records may all be automatically stored and accessed from a distant place.
  • Recordings: Using a web browser, you may set up call recording for all extensions. Use call records to improve security, customer happiness, and overall service quality. It is possible to broadcast pre-recorded notifications to confirm that callers have granted their authorization before recording starts, either by default or custom.

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