Run the Class 5 Softswitch with Its Specials Function and Features

Are looking for the class five Softswitch? Then go with Teletalk, which provide quality software. It is a type of hardware that VoIP providers and other mobile carriers use to connect the phone. There are five switch classes, but it has one to five years. The number still needs to be done with the quality of the switch but the area of the can. Our Class5 Softswitch connects with the end number of users, and classes have two options four connect cities, towns, and states. Teletalk class 5 Softswitch, which is known as the IP switch.

When you make an IP call, you must connect via the internet to the provider Softswitch, and this support routing the mobile call to the right IP address, DID number, and SIP address. Our provider must create money selling international calling minutes using the calling card. The provider can be installed over the respective server and never have to cover the customer premises.

 The main function of class 5 Softswitch:

 Our Class5 Softswitch must ensure the call features are common to each business and residential provider. It has auto attendant, call forward, and has call rules such fine me and follow me. Our class 5 Softswitch meter minute and bill customer automatically and must remain in mind is that any phone can stay connected to the class five Softswitch.  We must host the PBX by having Softswitch collected in the server farm, which they own, or rent.

It is a complete suite of many SIP network elements and APIS and web portals over the single tool platform. Teletalk must ensure the right service provider to create a scalable and robust VOIP service that can range from small single server deployment to cluster solution take of 1000 ops concurrent session.

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Teletalk Class5 Softswitch & VoIP Billing is not limited to a particular class in any capacity. Accordingly, it helps us to give modified courses of action according to individual business necessities, It also includes real-time VoIP Billing and has a flexible rate management system for Customer and Vendor rates, Teletalk Class5 Softswitch also provides Security against the threats like Ddos attacks, MySQL Injection, etc. It is a complete switch a client needs.

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