What all can we do with Multi Tenant PBX?

It is possible for a single instance of a Multi-Tenant PBX ware to manage several clients (tenants). Each client has a dedicated PBX, but the asterisk instance is shared by all of them. Using a single instance for all clients considerably reduces running expenses. Let’s have a look at the things multi tenant PBX can do-

Multi Tenant PBX
  • Effective text-to-speech conversion.

Google Cloud Speech-to-Text and IBM Watson are both integrated into the PBXware voicemail system (STT). Your voicemail messages will be transcribed into text and sent to you.

  • Use the cloud to store your data.

All of these services are supported by PBXware. Voicemail, fax, and call data records may all be automatically stored and accessed from a distant place.

  • Recordings

Using a web browser, you may set up call recording for all extensions. Use call records to improve security, customer happiness, and overall service quality. It is possible to broadcast pre-recorded notifications to confirm that callers have granted their authorization before recording starts, either by default or custom.

  • Branding

Make a statement about your company by customising PBXware with your corporate identity. Your logo and corporate colours are all we need to get started, and our in-house team will build a full solution that will help your business grow.

  • Confident tones

You may considerably strengthen the security of your phone conversations by utilising the TLS and SRTP protocols of PBXware Multitenant Edition. Let’s Encrypt SSL certificates are also now supported by PBXware.

In addition to English, Spanish, and French, PBXware has a multilingual GUI. Users of PBXware who are fluent in Spanish and French will now be able to utilise the service in their native language.

  • Lookup of a person’s caller ID

Integrating PBXware with an external search service reduces fraud, increases lead conversions, and improves message delivery. Even if it’s the first time they’ve called in, provide them a customized experience.

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