What are the main functionalities of Class5 Softswitch?

Class5 Softswitch is one of the types of VoIP Softswitch, type of hardware. Like Class 4 Softswitch, it will work for routing calls between small areas. It also works with Class 4 Softswitch by routing calls that get there from Class 4 Softswitch to devices that will tend to give VoIP services and etc. The Class 5 Softswitch allows the call features in order to every residential and business VoIP provider.

The various features are call waiting, conference calling, call rules, voicemail, music, auto attendant, ring, video conferencing support, call forwarding, virtual support, and so more. The one thing you have to remember, any phone may connect with Class 5 Softswitch. Then, one of the main benefits for VoIP providers is that it can be installed on any server, and there need not be on customer premises. 

The major function of Class 5 Softswitch

When it comes to making an IP call, you need to connect thru the internet to the Softswitch. It will enable to routing of the mobile call to the correct IP address, DIS number, and SIP address. Then, the provider may create money selling international calling minutes via a calling card. The Class 5 Softswitch features are common to each business and residential provider. It is a complete suite of various SIP network elements, APIS, and a single web portal tool platform.

The Class 5 Softswitch and VoIP billing do not have any more limitations in order to a special class at any capacity. VoIP provider utilizes some special type of switches that will come up with SIP protocol. In addition, it will aid assist as to provide and specialized action as per the need of the business individual. Also, Class 5 Softswitch will add real-time VoIP billing and a flexible rate management system for the customer. In addition, it will give added security against various threats, and it will completely switch as a need of clients. 

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