TeleTalk Class 5 Soft Switch and VoIP Billing provide a comprehensive and cutting-edge solution for both retail and wholesale VoIP service providers.

Using a Class 5 Softswitch, which is a SIP Softswitch, you may connect to several IP
networks and transport VoIP conversations from one network to the other. This programme
allowed VoIP service providers to provide continuous service at a modest initial outlay, which
lowered operational costs even more. It also provide Softswitch and VoIP Billing System
integration. The TeleTalk Class 5 Softswitch is intended to give clients in both residential and
commercial settings with services of the next generation.
An sophisticated retail and wholesale billing solution is provided by the Class 5 Soft Switch
and VoIP Billing. All of the call-routing features that VoIP service providers need, from small
businesses to major corporations, may be found in this software.

Features of the Clientele
● XMPP and instant messaging for voice and video calls
● Conferencing via phone or IM
● Virtual Fax Machines (VFA) and Interactive Fax Machines (IVM) Clients
● Parallel and Serial Calling
● Call forwarding based on a certain time interval (CFU, CFB, CFNA, CFT, CFS)
● In the quest for Malicious Call ID (MCID)
● Anonymous Call Rejection and Call Blocking for both inbound and outgoing calls
Self-Service Interfaces for Customers
In the webRTC Client Self Care interface, the customer may easily and intuitively customise
his services.

Web-based Dashboard for System Administrators
System administrators and customer service representatives may use a regular web browser
to access the platform’s configuration and troubleshooting apps through the Administrator
Web Interface.

Web-based Reseller Interface
Customers may benefit from the C5’s “white level” service offerings because of the C5’s
hierarchical, object-oriented interface. The platform owner may have access to the different
interfaces for operational support by granting resellers administrative privileges inside their
reseller realm.
Engine for Billing and Rating
The creation of Call Detail Records (CDRs) may be made more dependable and consistent
by using the SIP routing engine as a data source. The real-time rating engine can give

subscribers with an up-to-date account balance with millisecond accuracy. This is applicable
to both prepaid and post-paid billing options.
For the purpose of managing VoIP networks, TeleTalk Class 5 SoftSwitch and VoIP Billing
provide a comprehensive and cutting-edge solution for both retail and wholesale VoIP.

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